Product Page

Notice: We do not sell mattresses and bedding along with our beds.

The maximum mattress height for top bunks is: 10 inches

Twin over Twin Bunk Bed $500.00 (81",42",71")

Extra Long Twin over Twin Bunk Bed $550.00

(drawers not included)

Twin over Full $625.00

(trundle not included)

XL Twin over Queen $985.00

(trundle not included)

Twin Loft $435.00

Full Loft $510.00

Queen Loft $575.00

(Add a desktop underneath for only $110.00)

Twin bed $300.00

XL twin or Full bed $400.00

Queen bed $500.00

XL Twin loft with Twin bed $745.00

(drawers not included)

This is a great option for room layout flexibility. Each bed can be arranged: together as shown, in a corner at a right angle, or completely separate.

Add a set of drawers for $300.00

  • The storage equivalent of a six drawer chest without taking up the space in your room.
  • Adjustable storage with removable dividers.

Twin trundle $300

Full or  XL twin trundle $365

Queen trundle $430

  • On bed casters to roll on the ground
  • Fits a 7" mattress
  • We can raise the lower bunk for higher trundle mattress clearance, but less lower bunk head space for $100

Delivery Setup and Finish Costs

Listed here are the prices for staining individual models of beds and accessories. Refer to Minwax wood stain color chart (left) for colors. We only use the oil-based "wood stains" :


Twin over Twin Bunk Bed $150.00

Twin Loft Bed                    $145.00  

Full Loft Bed                      $155.00     

Queen Loft Bed                 $190.00 

Loft Bed with desk             $175.00   

Set of Drawers (2), Trundle $55.00

Twin over Full/Queen Bed   $195.00

Twin Bed                             $110.00  

Lemon oil rub (Old English) 70% of stain cost  (Clear furniture oil wood sealer)

                                                                                 For Pickled Oak, Weathered Oak and Classic Grey stain +$100 to original stain price.


North County $65.00

South County $110.00

San Luis Obispo $80.00

Please ask for details for delivery outside these city limits.

Set Up:

Twin over Twin Bunk Bed  $65.00

Loft Bed                             $55.00 

Loft Bed with desk             $65.00

Twin over Full/Queen Bed $65.00

Twin Bed                            $45.00